Black Arts Casting

Black Arts Covid-19 metal store:

Paid for orders will be picked after our regular casting work is done and shipped next day where possible.

We have sourced supply of metal to ensure all makers still have the ability to make and sell during this time where many of our community will fall between the cracks in support offered to the self employed. 

We have a large initial supply from Cooksons, we also have commitment from Betts to supply bulk silver at wholesale for us to put through our own continuous melt and roll/wire draw plant if needed. In addition we have our own refinery and can cycle scrap into new materials, so we WILL be able to keep going.

Black Arts have committed significant resources to this business model (refine, melt and roll) over the last year or two and it’s a great insurance policy for us all during this time. However it was envisaged that if we needed to use it that we would have had a drop off in our usual work and have all our crew available – we still have as much work due to other casting firms closing and we are home working / in isolation.

We expect to get very busy with this as the remaining open bullion dealers are all getting hammered and making out on orders right now – so bear with us.

If you need something that is not on the list email me with what you need, and we can see if your order is significant enough to make up for you or change some existing stock.

Best wishes,

Black Arts

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